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Protective Musical Instrument Cases Hit the Perfect Note Every Time

As a musician, you need to be your very best every time you step onto the stage. While your performance depends on the level of preparation you bring to your show, it also depends on the time and effort you put into taking care of your musical instruments. They need thorough cleaning and tuning in order to function properly, as well as strong, durable cases that will safeguard them against accidental drops, slides, and falls during shipment and travel. Viking Cases has several musical instrument cases that meet these requirements, including: musical instrument cases

  • Norseman – With surface mounted hardware for quick, on-the-go transport, the Norseman provides the protection of an ATA case without the price tag. This is an especially popular choice for musicians who appreciate the added strength and reinforcements of ATA cases but prefer bringing their musical instrument cases as carry-on baggage.

  • Crosstown – Inexpensive and uniquely strong, our Crosstown cases will exceed your expectations, but not your budget. Covered with Ozite, an exceptionally durable non-weave material, this case can be outfitted with surface hardware or recessed hardware, which is ideal for shipping because it won’t accidentally catch or tear during transportation.

  • Vikilite – Unique to Viking Cases, the Vikilite can be constructed as either an ATA or Norseman case. Roughly 30% lighter than ATA cases, the Vikilite is ideal for instruments due to the strength of its lightweight polystyrene corrugated materials.

Musical instrument cases are some of the most carefully constructed cases on the market because of the special needs of the equipment they carry. Because your instruments are precious to you, and necessary for the successful performance of your job, we build our musical instrument cases with strength and durability in mind. And because we cater to all musicians, our musical instrument cases can be constructed to any measurements or dimensions. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll build it for you.

Contact Viking Cases today to learn more about our customized and standard musical instrument cases.


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